Life is to be lived

I heard this quote from Bruce Lee today, “The meaning of life is that it is to be lived.”

Do we focus too much energy on worrying about what others think of us? Are we wearing right clothes? Did we buy the right car? Do we live in the right area?

We do, and who cares?? Live to be happy. Live to be kind. Live to share your knowledge. That’s what matters in the end.

Wear what is comfortable. Take an extra moment to smile and talk to someone. Give of your time to volunteer. Talk to and pet dogs you pass on the street.

Count your blessings. Every moment is precious that you spend with someone you love. It is important to not take yourself too seriously, laugh a lot!

Attitude makes all the difference. If we aren’t happy with a situation, we have the power to change it.

Get out there and live your best life today!

First Tattoo

No, not me! I already have several, but today is a big day in our family. Our youngest son is getting his first tattoo! The Hubby and I both have tattoos, although none of our three sons do. Finally, after about four years of thinking about it, he is ready!

He’s getting a memorial tattoo for his dog, Domino. He was a mix of Black Lab and Sharpei, with the Lab body and wrinkly head of a Sharpei. Big as a pony, strong as an ox, Domino was something to see!

Our tattoo guy, who has worked on us the past five years, is going to do the honors, and he’s pretty excited to be doing our son’s first. I’m nervous, almost as much as when I’m getting my own. Only because I know what to expect, that it will hurt, and be life changing. I also know the experience is worth going through when you finish with an amazing piece of art permanently on your body!

I worked hard to stop myself from teasing him about the pain. No doubt, it hurts. Feels something close to sharp, hot glass slicing across the skin. But I’ve not mentioned that, not once, even though I really, really wanted to! And the first time cleaning a new tattoo…oh my Lord! The pain and sting from the shower water! He will learn quick not to let water run directly over it!

One thing I’m very happy about it the way society has overall changed its view on tattoos and those who have them. Body art is much more acceptable to employers, depending on placement and subject matter. I love that artists can create beautiful pieces that others are wearing and showing off. I’m proud to tell anyone who asks where I had my work done. And maybe most importantly, these truly amazing artists are getting to make a decent living doing art!

So off we go to the tattoo shop! We expect to be there all day. First the boy gets his, then the Hubby is having an older one reworked, maybe add some new stuff.

It’s going to be a great day! Get out and enjoy it!

A Long Absence

Hello, there!  I’ve been a stranger, not written in a very long time.  I have no excuses, reasons or anything to say on my behalf.  I’ve simply been “away”.  I’m back, and the plan is to not wander so far away again.

So what’s happened since my last installment?  A lot, and then again, not very much.  Still living in Florida, and we’ve bought a house.  That’s a huge deal!  I don’t ever want to go through the home buying experience again!  Our realtor was amazing, no complaints there.  Our finance guy…kinda a clone of the Energizer Bunny, only not so warm and fuzzy!  He did the job, got it done for us, but the hoops we had to jump through were a killer!

We haven’t adopted a new dog yet, can’t bring ourselves to replace Chewy.  He’s irreplaceable.  At times I’m ready, then others I’m just not.  Still cry over the good memories.  Now and then we do dog-sit for our buddy Shadow, he’s a black and white Cocker Spaniel with the sweetest disposition!  That helps fill the hole left by Chewy for awhile.  Maybe someday…

We’ve got our dream house!  Three bedrooms, a pool, nice neighborhood, etc.  It checks off all the “gotta have” boxes.  But of course, after just a few months, homeowner reality sets in and we had to replace the air conditioning unit.  Another few months later, the hot water heater takes a crap.  Now a possible issue with the pool pump…but it’s still makes me happy knowing that it’s our home, our special place forever!!

Halloween is coming quickly and I don’t know what to expect in our new neighborhood.  I asked the ten year old boy next door if there’s usually trick or treating.  He was so cute, said he couldn’t remember, but maybe he might be too old for it this year.  Really?  Since when are ten year old boys too old for costumes and candy?

Thanksgiving? Christmas? Don’t get me started on how quickly that’s coming at us!  I don’t even have outside decorations and lights for the house yet.  We can’t be “that house” with no lights in the neighborhood!  I need to figure out the best way to string lights in palm trees.  I’ll check for a video on the internet!

If you’re a friend of my previous posts, thanks for checking this out again.  If you’re a new friend, Welcome Aboard!  Until next time…have a fabulous day!


The Hole in My Heart

For fifteen years, met at the door by my dog, Chewy. His bubbly personality, always happy to see me, ready for head scratches and belly rubs. Stalking me from room to room, but sometimes would get bored and look for another family member to track. If one of us were out, pacing and whining until all his humans were safely back home. But this last week, no more.

Unfortunately, old age caught up with Chewy quite quickly over the last six months or so. He became blinded by cataracts, slowed by arthritis attacking his joints, and quite possibly some type of neurological distress, all which contributed to hacking away at the lively little Lhasa Apso we’d all come to love and adore.

The heart-wrenching decision was made and Chewy was sent on his way to that “better place” where he will no longer suffer from his ailments. My family is broken, feeling this loss deeply. Fond memories bring tears. A lot of tears. We each experience the emptiness in different ways, we hug and console each other as best we can.

I think the time of day where I most miss my little buddy is at night. Chewy seemed to know when it was getting close to my bedtime and begin to give me “that look”. I’d ask if he was ready for bed, Chewy would jump down from the couch and walk towards the bedroom. Some nights he would jump up on the bed and wait for his blanket to be placed just right in his spot near my feet. Other nights when he wanted to snuggle close, he would burrow himself in beside me and drift off, all the while giving off enough body heat to take the chill off a large building.

I miss that little bed hog. More than I ever thought possible. Chewy was more than just a dog. He was an integral part of the family. The one constant we call could count on, giving unconditional love and support, no matter what the situation. A nudge, a kiss, a paw…exactly what was needed, exactly when needed.

No one else will ever fill this hole left in my heart. It’s your spot, Chewy. You will always be with me.

Lottery Woes

Yes, I’d love to win the lottery.  The Powerball drawing got to somewhere around $500 million on a recent round.  As Bill and I were walking one evening, we discussed what we might do with such a windfall.  Buy a house on the island? How much could we give each of the kids?  Definitely pay off any debt.  There is that dream car he wants…the black Trans Am from the “Smokey & the Bandit” movie.  We could open our own tattoo shop.  Travel extensively, for sure.  Charitable contributions?  What about investments?

But, as the saying goes, “you can’t win if you don’t play” and I’ve not been playing.

Of course, I understand money does not make one happy.  I’m already happy, so that’s not an issue.  My use of the money would enhance my current level of happiness and that of my family.  Accomplishing any the items listed above could certainly do just that.  Who wouldn’t love to give large chunks of money to their kids, travel wherever you wish, or make a sweet donation to a favorite charity?

I admire the folks who anonymously give of their fortunes to those in need. I love hearing at the holiday season of a Salvation Army bell ringer finding an extra special donation in their bucket.  I can see myself as a Secret Santa type, spreading joy to children who may otherwise do without.  Nothing sweeter than the smile of a child, right?

Along with such a win comes financial responsibility.  I admit, this is the last thing I will think about.  I’ll want to start planning vacations and purchases, not wise investments.  That’s where Bill comes in.  He’s my rock, my sensible side, the sane voice on my shoulder saying, “Hey, you are out of control.  This is how we’re going to work it.”  And he will be right.

Winning the lottery is a life changing event.  What would you do with $500 million?


Thursday On My Mind

Why does Thursday take longer to arrive than any other day, and then it hangs on like you’ve no place else to be…ever?  Even with an absolutely gorgeous day here on the Gulf Coast, the day drags.

I do like Thursday, it feels like an accomplishment to me when it finally arrives.  I know I’ve already gone through most of the week, with only one more day to the weekend.  If I’ve had a busy work week, things tend to simmer down by Thursday afternoon.  This makes Friday simply a breeze in the wind!

Thursday evening is also a quiet night at home.  Bill and Cody go bowling, leaving me home with Chewy.  Although he’s a male dog, we call it “Girl’s Night”.  We can make whatever we want for dinner, watch whatever we want on TV, and go to bed early if we wish…and frequently, we do.  Tonight, I believe a bath is on the agenda for Chewy, which he will protest, but it is futile…we must make an effort combat any case of Swamp Ass the little dude may be festering.

Until last week, I would watch one of my favorite TV shows each Thursday, “Parenthood”.  Since I go to bed before it aired, the DVR was set to catch it for me.  Sadly, last week I watched the last episode of the series…and yes, cried my eyes out!  That’s another reason I wouldn’t watch it when the Guys were home.  They didn’t need to see what a slobbery mess I became.  I do think they closed up the series nicely, bringing each story full circle but also leaving viewers with a bit to ponder.  I would love to own the whole series on DVD so I could watch it all again…Kleenex box in hand, of course!

I have several movies backed up on the DVR, thinking I may watch “The Grand Budapest Hotel” tonight.  Looks interesting, and certainly not something the Guys would enjoy.  Sounds like a perfect “Girl’s Night” for Chewy and I.

Enjoy your day…and yes, the weekend is coming! No, your clock is really NOT running in reverse.  It’s simply Thursday!

Thots on Valentine’s Day

Hey, Readers! Bet you were thinking I’d fallen into the Gulf of Mexico and floated off towards Cuba…but no, just haven’t had the time to write in awhile.

So, been thinking about Valentine’s Day.  First point, it is not ValenTIMES Day…it is Valentine’s Day.  Please, let that be enough said.

We can keep being drug into the Hallmark version of what retailers think Valentine’s Day should be about.  I’m not into that.  I’d like it to be another day where we remind ourselves how fortunate we are that someone does love us even though they know we are truly flawed, and return that sentiment. This may be your spouse, significant other, child, or best friend.  See, we don’t have to be talking about that mushy kind of love, but someone who genuinely cares for you, respects you, loves you, or would carry your trash out should you break a leg roller skating.

The holiday hype in stores is ridiculous.  As is the price of a giant Hershey’s Kiss! Have you noticed the size has shrunk significantly while the prize climbs ever higher?  I love a heart shaped Reese’s as much as the next girl, but really, can you expect people to pay half their monthly car payment for peanut butter and chocolate?  How about a life-size stuffed Teddy Bear? Nope. Cute, but the dog would likely sleep on it!

Even if you are spending the day by yourself, make a point to be kind to yourself in some way.  Maybe get yourself a little gift. Or at least pick up some dinner so you don’t have to cook…or take yourself out for a walk around town to window shop, or for ice cream.

My perfect Valentine’s Day would be to spend the entire day with my husband, maybe a stroll on the beach at sunset, a nice dinner neither of us has to cook, a movie (either out or at home)…just simple stuff.  Enough to remind him “I Love You” without needing to take out a loan.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!