Welcome to What’s Happening in My Head!

Hello, World! Here I am, creating my first blog! Thank you for taking the few moments required to read what’s going on inside my head today…and beyond!

It’s a big day for me, I’ve not written a blog before and I’m very excited to get started. I’ve written short stories and even flirted around with ideas for novels, but this is new to me. I tend to be a people-watcher, something I could do for hours if the pay were better! I am anxious to share my thoughts, observations, and hopefully counteract the daily grind with the more amusing side of life.

As we get to know one another, please feel free to comment…good or bad, on what you read and how you feel about it. I’ll not be getting overly political or vulgar with my writing, as my aim is to provide a “munchies for your brain” type of entertaining blog where you can ponder the information a bit, maybe giggle, & come back next time for more.

I should introduce myself. I’m Kim Archer, a resident of the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida, although I am recently transplanted from chilly/gray Northern Ohio. Much happier here, I can assure you. My husband, one of our sons, and our Lhasa Apso dog Chewy, made the big move in April, 2014. Our other two sons remained in Ohio, but I’m working on them to join us. We have mostly acclimated to the new climate, but really, what’s so tough about getting used to winter at 60-70 degrees instead of around the freezing mark most days?

As I sit writing this first time, I am listening to iHeart radio’s Reunion 1980 station. I am a child of the 80’s, with extensive knowledge in Aqua-net hairspray application, classic rock bands, TV shows like the Cosby Show and Family Ties were the foundation of American life, and we all had a favorite V-J on MTV. While I can get sentimental about those days, I have taken the lessons learned then and built my life on them.

Number 1: No girl can actually ever look like one of those video chicks. Don’t even try.
Number 2: Any giant “wall” you want to bring down, simply ask nicely, as President Regan did. It worked.
Number 3: Four or five guitar chords are all you will need. Don’t complicate things. Just ask AC/DC.
Number 4: Be kind to the Nerds. They will likely one day be your boss.

These may be topics we will get into later…stick around, will ya? And thanks so much for reading to the end!!

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