First Tattoo

No, not me! I already have several, but today is a big day in our family. Our youngest son is getting his first tattoo! The Hubby and I both have tattoos, although none of our three sons do. Finally, after about four years of thinking about it, he is ready!

He’s getting a memorial tattoo for his dog, Domino. He was a mix of Black Lab and Sharpei, with the Lab body and wrinkly head of a Sharpei. Big as a pony, strong as an ox, Domino was something to see!

Our tattoo guy, who has worked on us the past five years, is going to do the honors, and he’s pretty excited to be doing our son’s first. I’m nervous, almost as much as when I’m getting my own. Only because I know what to expect, that it will hurt, and be life changing. I also know the experience is worth going through when you finish with an amazing piece of art permanently on your body!

I worked hard to stop myself from teasing him about the pain. No doubt, it hurts. Feels something close to sharp, hot glass slicing across the skin. But I’ve not mentioned that, not once, even though I really, really wanted to! And the first time cleaning a new tattoo…oh my Lord! The pain and sting from the shower water! He will learn quick not to let water run directly over it!

One thing I’m very happy about it the way society has overall changed its view on tattoos and those who have them. Body art is much more acceptable to employers, depending on placement and subject matter. I love that artists can create beautiful pieces that others are wearing and showing off. I’m proud to tell anyone who asks where I had my work done. And maybe most importantly, these truly amazing artists are getting to make a decent living doing art!

So off we go to the tattoo shop! We expect to be there all day. First the boy gets his, then the Hubby is having an older one reworked, maybe add some new stuff.

It’s going to be a great day! Get out and enjoy it!

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