Fred Wasn’t Impressive

After preparing our home for the approach of Tropical Storm Fred, was a bit disappointed that all we are getting today are clouds and a light rain. Regardless, we are very thankful Fred wasn’t a category 4 or 5 that smashed into our section of the Gulf Coast. My prayers are with those folks in the Florida panhandle area.

The next storm, Grace, is strolling up along nearly the same path. That’s bad news for Puerto Rico, Cuba and the areas Fred just came through. The current path has the storm again heading out into the Gulf. Nevertheless, we shall stay prepared. We have plenty of water, canned goods (a manual can opener) and have moved and outside furniture that could become airborne, into our shed.

Still, I love living in Florida. This area has a few weather challenges, but nothing we can’t handle. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, a survivor of the Blizzard of ’77-’78. I come from hearty stock, rooted in the hills of West Virginia and Kentucky. A little rain and wind, ah, we got this…hold my umbrella drink!

Take care, Friends! Be kind to one another!

Thursday On My Mind

Why does Thursday take longer to arrive than any other day, and then it hangs on like you’ve no place else to be…ever?  Even with an absolutely gorgeous day here on the Gulf Coast, the day drags.

I do like Thursday, it feels like an accomplishment to me when it finally arrives.  I know I’ve already gone through most of the week, with only one more day to the weekend.  If I’ve had a busy work week, things tend to simmer down by Thursday afternoon.  This makes Friday simply a breeze in the wind!

Thursday evening is also a quiet night at home.  Bill and Cody go bowling, leaving me home with Chewy.  Although he’s a male dog, we call it “Girl’s Night”.  We can make whatever we want for dinner, watch whatever we want on TV, and go to bed early if we wish…and frequently, we do.  Tonight, I believe a bath is on the agenda for Chewy, which he will protest, but it is futile…we must make an effort combat any case of Swamp Ass the little dude may be festering.

Until last week, I would watch one of my favorite TV shows each Thursday, “Parenthood”.  Since I go to bed before it aired, the DVR was set to catch it for me.  Sadly, last week I watched the last episode of the series…and yes, cried my eyes out!  That’s another reason I wouldn’t watch it when the Guys were home.  They didn’t need to see what a slobbery mess I became.  I do think they closed up the series nicely, bringing each story full circle but also leaving viewers with a bit to ponder.  I would love to own the whole series on DVD so I could watch it all again…Kleenex box in hand, of course!

I have several movies backed up on the DVR, thinking I may watch “The Grand Budapest Hotel” tonight.  Looks interesting, and certainly not something the Guys would enjoy.  Sounds like a perfect “Girl’s Night” for Chewy and I.

Enjoy your day…and yes, the weekend is coming! No, your clock is really NOT running in reverse.  It’s simply Thursday!

Sticky Notes Rule

Think about this…how did the world even function before the creation of Post-It Notes?

I cannot even imagine an office anywhere that does not have a bin full of assorted colors of sticky notes in their supply cabinet.  These amazing inventions are likely the most helpful items ever.  Looking over my desk, I currently have two notes hanging from my monitor, three stuck directly to my desk, and another five on other sheets of paper pinned to my wall.  Not that I always remember to look at my notes…but that’s another day.

The uses for these sticky little marvels are endless.  They make great bookmarks, are handy by the fridge to note groceries you need to pick up, and are the perfect size for drink coasters.  You can use the sticky side to clean dust from between the keys of your keyboard.  Use them to mark events on your family calendar with specific colors for each person.  Maybe even decorate your friend’s car with hundreds of notes for a birthday surprise.

Besides being every color of the rainbow, you can find these handy little guys in various shapes and sizes, too.  I’ve seen holiday themed sticky notes and some pre-printed with grocery lists or chores for the kids to do at home, and even things for teachers to use in the classroom.

What a world we live in, huh?  Imagine how one sticky little piece of paper has transformed the way we do things.  If something like that can make a huge impact, what can you do to change the world around you today?

Crazy on the Tamiami Trail

My drive to work each day involves a stretch of the Tamiami Trail running between Bradenton and Sarasota.  A very busy strip with three lanes in each direction and a turn lane in the middle.  There are assorted businesses, hotels, marinas, and people.  Lots of people.

I grew up in Ohio where we learned to wait until traffic cleared, look both ways, and proceed cautiously across the road.  In Florida, apparently pedestrians are programmed to walk out into the middle of the street.  With oncoming traffic in all directions, there they go trotting right out between cars.  Every day I see people of all ages running across Tamiami Trail, playing a dangerous game of human Frogger.

For easy and inexpensive transportation, many people in Florida ride bicycles.  Great idea, the weather is usually sunny.  It’s a common sight to see riders going along with the flow of traffic.  So imagine my surprise one day when I see a woman sitting on her three-wheeled bike in the middle lane of Tamiami Trail, digging deep into her purse looking for some elusive item!  Really, that’s the most convenient spot to stop and check your gum supply?

Now I realize Sarasota is known for it’s connection to the Ringling Circus, but one day I spotted a small man in the middle of the road.  It startled me to see him bravely standing there, at way under four feet tall, with traffic whizzing past him at high speeds.  I’m just over five feet tall and not sure I have the courage to do that!

All this takes driving to another level for me.  Not only do I have to be aware of other drivers actions, but also the unpredictable stunts of pedestrians.  It feels like I’m driving with my head on a swivel so I don’t miss anything.  Still, I’d rather these distractions than driving during Ohio winters in the snow and ice!

Be safe out there!

Six AM Thunder Buddy

Something about an impending thunder storm sets Chewy’s spidey-sense on edge.  For ten minutes before the lightening even starts, he’s whimpering from his spot at the foot of the bed.  Soon he’s inching towards me so that right about when the first crack of thunder hits, he’s wrapped around my neck.

Interestingly, Lhasa Apso dogs were originally bred in Tibet to guard the Buddhist monasteries, alerting the Monks to intruders.  Huh.

Once Chewy is cuddled in close and shaking like a baby rattle, whimpering continues until the last flash and boom are a faded memory.  He peeks out occasionally to check if the storm is still brewing, but is content under a blanket until the end, as long as he’s being hugged tightly.  Once the storm is over, he follows his humans around for awhile, keeping at least one of us in sight in case the storm returns and he needs a hug.

This is how today began for me.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Chewy is part of our family, our baby, best friend, and confidant.  We care for his every need, and he showers us with undying devotion and dragon-breath kisses.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


I take our Lhasa Apso out around 6:30 a.m. for his morning business meeting.  I say “around” because I’m not a morning person and hate the sound of the alarm, thus my timing is inaccurate.  But Chewy (yes, Chewbacca, for you Star Wars fans!) has impeccable timing most mornings and knows exactly what time he’s scheduled to roll.

Before the Fall time change when it was still dark  outside, I decided my attire didn’t matter.  The few other dog walkers I encounter and those bleary-eyed neighbors leaving for work could not decipher that I’m wearing ratty shorts and the t-shirt I slept in.  Now that it is daylight when we go out, time for a fashion overhaul?  Nope…I have no shame!  The temps have dipped a bit, so I’m out there in my blue plaid flannel pants and the t-shirt I slept in.  Chewy has never uttered a complaint.

Chewy has been in our family since 2000.  When our boys were young, they would play rough with him and he loved it.  Being a small fluffy dog, he was great for spinning on the tile kitchen floor.  He hates getting a bath, will bark and run crazy circles around the house trying to shake the water off himself.  I always say he’s the only baby I have left, since our boys are in their 20’s.  So yeah, I’ve spoiled him.

Maybe like me, you have wondered what a dog’s thought process involves.  Chewy will trot happily along, then stop suddenly to sniff absolutely nothing for five minutes.  I’ve seen him deathly afraid of dried leaves blowing across the street near him.  Strangely, he doesn’t give a second’s notice to another dog barking at him, even if said dog is bigger.  The rear-end sniffing ritual seems to be a contest to Chewy, as he will attempt to stealthily sniff the other dog when it isn’t looking.  Once that dog wants to sniff him, he gets snarly and walks away. Doesn’t seem fair, but what do I know?

Chewy may be eternally grateful his humans now live in Florida.  In Ohio when it got cold, we put a sweater on him to go outside.  Some dogs seem to love clothes.  Chewy is not one of them.  The second he spots the red and white striped contraption, life visibly drains from his furry little face.  He hangs his head and will not make eye contact.  When we slide it over his head, he shakes violently as if he can shred the monster that has enveloped him.  It’s hilarious to watch.

Maybe now I’ll shop for a Hawaiian shirt.  Do they sell flip flops for dogs?  Never mind, Chewy would eat them anyway.